Work happening in the studio
A place to buy prints and bookworks
Thoughts, ideas, research, development.
Live Out Loud Podcast on parenthood and Art, with Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Lauren Mclaughlin and Emily Speed
Text commissioned by Castlefield Gallery to coincide with Hayley Newman and Emily Speed exhibition
A conversation with Steve Pantazis about the Castlefield exhibition
Dancing Against Time, an interview with Manchester Modernists Society about working at the Toastrack building
A chat with Chris Sharratt ahead of the Northern Art Prize
Skye Sherwin
Review of MAKE SHIFT in a-n magazine by Amelia Crouch (subscription required)
A preview of the MAKE SHIFT exhibition in Big Issue North magazine
An interview with L.A. based curator Ciara Ennis for Mousse magazine.
This is the archive of all books published at Women's Studio Workshop, New York State. My book can be found here, and a full PDF of the book can be downloaded from the website too.
a demonstration of the bookwork being opened.
a profile of my time and work at WSW.
A publication I produced, based around architecture. #1 on The Fold, #2 coming one day...probably
archived blog on a-n's Artists' Talking section about making a living as an artist and trying to improve working conditions in the visual arts